Saturday, July 27, 2013

Retrospective : MART 2007

When Looking at the Art on this Blog
I realised that I didn't start writing this blog until 2009
but I have always produced Art.

So how can this be an accurate portrayal of my activities if it
only documents my art from 2009 ?

To balance that out, I have decided to post the occasional "Retrospective"  post
to talk about Art events I was in prior to 2009

Retrospective : MART 2007

in 2007 I participated in 2 events by the MART art group

The first was :

MART Outdoor Audio Visual Experience
Galway City Museum 
8 -10 June 2007
“Paris Escapes Jail” “Crypto Disco”

This was a series of visuals combined with music projected onto the wall
outside the Galway City Museum

I had 2 cheeky pieces of visual art in this project
"Paris Escapes Jail"
"Crypto Disco"

Paris Escapes Jail : 

This is the documentaion that was provided : 

A photo I took of  The Flyer : 

The next event I was involved in was the MART cart
it was part of TULCA 2007

TULCA 2007 – Mart Cart
2 Items of Visual Art in the MART Cart
24 November 2007
"Eye See You" "Party Crossing".

This was an artistic action, where art was packaged 
and handed out to people in the street Paper Girl style
but with a trolley or something.

"Eye See You" 

"Party Crossing"

A photo I took of the flyer :

This has been a retrospective look at my experience with MART in 2007

Friday, July 26, 2013

Paper Girl Belfast June-July 2013

 my Art : 

"I Like to Stamp things"
"Yes, but what does it mean"
"Ink Fading NOOOO !!!"

is in : 

PaperGirl Belfast

18 Donegall St.
28 June - 5 July 2013

Distribution :
from Botanic Park
20 July 2013

Info :

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

6x6 Rochester Contemporary Art Centre Reveal

The Auction is over so I can now reveal which of my Artworks was in
the 6x6 exhibition in
The Rochester Contemporary Art Centre
New York

( for more details see earlier post )

it was :

"Angry Girl"