Sunday, November 22, 2009

Big Ideas an Exhibition of Small Works, An Clachan Gallery, 20th November 2009 - 28th Janary 2010

An Exhibition of Small Works
An Clachan,
An Chuirt,
Co. Donegal

20 November 2009 - 28 January 2010
Details :

My piece for this exhibition is called "Expressions"
It is a 10cm x 10cm piece of digital art in a frame

Scoop Art Auction and Exhibition 19th - 21st November Film Base, Temple Bar, Dublin

Scoop Art Auction

19th - 21st November 2009

Film Base,

Temple Bar,


In this Auction my piece is :

"Recession Panic Clock"

Details :

It is a clock inspired by emergency and financial panic and the effects of the economy on individuals and their lives..

It is approx 8 inches in diameter and Just over an inch in width it is made from plastic and the clock face is paper.

There is a single red hand and if you put an AA battery in the back it may or may not work, like economic solutions, its hit and miss.

Here are the details of the clock face.

At the top we have our man sleeping in late, he has no where to go.

In the 3 o'clock position weh ahve our man looking at a newspaper / journal for news of recovery

below this we have a dole q, everyone is in the same position, everyone looks the same, everyone is just a number.

In the 7 O'clcok position we have our man looking at the news and the poor economic results

then we have our man and he is totally fustrated..

Finally we have our man in the centre of the clock, watching all of this happening and he is in a state of shock and doesnt know what to do.